ESL Classes are held every Saturday at

10 am - 12 pm and YOU can help!


We are in need of people to help with the ESL classes to help the students improve their skills with the English language. No commitment needed and no experience required! Just stop by any Saturday between 10 am and 12 pm and have a conversation! Please see Fr. Juan with any questions.


Your help is appreciated and needed!

Soft Space/ Pray Ground-  The front row on the left aisle is a soft space inviting and welcoming all our little ones to come and worship with their parents up close to where all the action takes place.  Kids learn best by observation and we, as a community of faith, created a space and place that welcomes and includes all, especially our young children.  The nursery and Sunday school are still available for our little members but now there will also be a space just for them in our worship space. 

A Reminder to Parishioners: Please, do not give money to those panhandling outside the church. While some of their stories seem compelling, we are trying to break the cycle of their activities. Contact our partners at Friendship House to learn how you can help our local homeless population.


Volunteers Needed!

We are in need of volunteers (leaders and helpers) to provide meals at Epiphany House and Andrews Place.
For Epiphany House, meals are provided the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 5-5:30 pm for 10-12 people. Volunteers are needed for November 2017—July 2018. Questions? Contact Marcy Perkins at 302-428-0151. For Andrews Place, meals are provided the 1st Monday of each month at 5-5:30 pm for 25-30 people. Volunteers are needed for August 2017—July 2018.  Questions? Contact Bill Perkins at 302-652-8133.

The “Welcome Committee” at Trinity would like to welcome anyone that is interested in the group. Their purpose is to streamline newcomers into the social aspects of our church. They will greet, gather names and introduce newcomers to congregants at the coffee hour.  Interested?  Contact Susan Fullerton at or call (302) 354-5699.


Meal Train -- The Hospitality Committee is constantly looking for ways to enhance how they can better serve members of our community when they are in need.  When a friend or family member is in need, we often say “What can I do to help?”.  Many times the answer is to make a meal.   Unfortunately, sometimes a person will receive three meals one day and zero the next.  To help coordinate meals, Trinity has found   Meal Train can be used for anyone in the parish from the arrival of a new baby, an injury or surgery, extended illnesses to condolences.  You simply identify that parishioner who could use a little support and enter their name, email address and home address as to where to drop off your meal.  A parishioner simply goes to the to schedule a day and time to deliver a meal.  They can easily see what is already scheduled and find the days where a meal could be needed.  It can be one meal or as many as that person wants.  If interested, please look at the Meal Train website for additional information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lynn Warner at or 610-268-5728 or find me at coffee hour.  Thanks for your support.

We need you!  We are in need of people to help out during the services.  In particular, we need people in various service roles for the 10:30 service.  If you can help out, please speak with Terry or Patty.


The Hospitality Committee is looking for volunteers! The time parishioners and visitors spend together after the Sunday services enjoying conversation, coffee and a light snack is a very important part of the life of the parish.  If you are willing to help keep this endeavor going, please contact Fred Thomas at 410-398-7944, or Lynn Warner at 610-268-5728,

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