At Trinity, we believe that time, talent, and treasure are all parts of the same gift from God. This is our guiding principle when we ask others to help with church or community projects or when we ourselves are asked to help by volunteering, using our skills, or pledging our money. We are called to give back part of God's gift in whatever forms we can. It is not a case of time or talent or treasure. They are all the same things. They are all gifts to be offered in gratitude. Time is not something we can create, rather, it is a gift to us from God. Similarly, "our" money is something we have received by exchanging part of God's gift to us with someone else. We value all God's gifts and accept them gratefully in whatever form they are offered.


It takes a great deal of all three—time, talent, and treasure—to operate Trinity Parish. There are many ways to get involved by volunteering time and talents. Our committees are always looking for energetic participants. Treasure is shared in kind in ways large and small: goods or services for outreach projects; baked goods to add a home–like feeling to fellowship events; toys and mittens to the tree at Christmas for children who need them; or supplies for the Youth Group to take with them to work camp. Money is needed to fund the operation and ministries of the parish.


Each member is asked to pledge his or her support for the parish through the annual Stewardship Campaign. The pledge is considered a covenant between each individual and God, given back to the world in gratitude. We believe that by giving through faith we are more spiritually engaged in God's mission. We strive toward the biblical tithe, a tenth of our resources.


As a practical matter, the annual pledges allow parish planners to estimate the church's revenue for the year so that they can plan programming and budget effectively.


Trinity Parish is a Delaware not-for-profit charitable corporation, with a 501(c)(3) designation from the Internal Revenue Service. You can help support the work that we do with a gift of time, talent, or treasure. For additional information about sharing God's gifts, please call the church office at (302) 652-8605 or send us an email.


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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Those of us who worship at Trinity Parish, in either church, are accustomed to beginning and ending our worship with a procession.  Processions are fundamental to our corporate worship, filled with symbolism and, if we choose, meaning.  So, at our celebrations of the Holy Eucharist those who lead us in worship — clergy, choir, acolytes, servers-- walk into the church following a cross. And those of us in the congregation turn and follow that same cross as the party approaches the altar.  This movement focuses our worship and symbolizes to us the path to heaven and the assurance that we are all on the way to full participation in God’s kingdom.   


What occurs next is intended to renew our spiritual connection with God and creation.  We listen to God’s word, we pray for the church and the world, we hear the Gospel preached, and we receive the nurturing presence of Jesus in the body and blood of the sacrament, God’s eternal pledge of love for us all.  This feeding and nurturing strengthens us for our daily lives and opens our hearts to the call of God to “seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbors as ourselves.”  The sacrament is meant to sustain us as we follow the concluding procession out beyond the doors of the church where the work of the church continues.


Archbishop William Temple said “the church is virtually the only institution that exists to serve those who do not belong to it.”  When we leave on Sunday morning, we continue the worship of the church.  We bring the Gospel with us.  We manifest Jesus as we engage with the world around us.  We proclaim the Gospel of love, inclusion, forgiveness, and mercy as we work to transform our society.  This means confronting the realities we meet along the way that keep us and others from reaching the potential of our lives and achieving God’s intention that we all have life — and have it abundantly.  Our lives are complicated, and the issues of our community are complex and at times seem overwhelming.  Worship, fellowship, study, and prayer all work to ground us in Christ, to inspire, encourage, sustain, and equip us to confront and address those realities. 


We cannot do this alone.  To accomplish these monumental tasks of renewal, healing, and transformation we partner with others in this city.  The Diocese, Friendship House, TRIAD, and Delaware Futures have become our primary means of discerning and responding to the needs of the community.  On Wednesday, November 11th, we will welcome our partner organizations to join with us for a stewardship dinner.  They will teach us the ways in which they are serving God’s people and what our help of time, talent, and treasure means to them and their mission.  We know that together we accomplish great things and that “the Spirit working through us does infinitely more that we can ask or imagine.”


This is the time of year when we ask everyone who worships with us to pray about the gift of money, without which we cannot fully respond to what we see around us.  We cannot continue to broaden and deepen the spiritual life of our community at worship and in service unless we have the resources to do it.  This is our opportunity to respond anew to what we know God is calling us to do.  With generous hearts we can expand the mission of our own parish community and the mission of our partner organizations.  As Ginny mentioned a few weeks ago, we are not asking you to sell all that you have and to give it to the church.  Instead, we are asking that you prayerfully consider what you can make as your 2016 pledge.


The Reverend Patricia Downing

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